A descriptive-analytical study of the Open-World Game Design "Grand Theft Auto V and online version" with an emphasis on Role-Playing Capabilities

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1 UniProfessor in Communications, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. versity of Tehran

2 Ph.D. Candidate in Communications, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.



One of the main features of open-world games is the non-linear process, the existence of multiple ways to achieve goals, the noticeable presence of cultural elements, the impact of the game space on world-famous cities, and the significant use of artificial intelligence. This research after examining the concept of "open world" in digital games and the development of this design model by using of case study and participant observation, with a critical and skeptical look at the realization of the game world of "Grand Theft Auto V and online version", especially in the context of the existence of multiple paths, seeks to achieve the main goals. The results of this study indicate that the open world of the game "Grand Theft Auto" is limited and enclosed by the design of the structure, storylines, characters, scenarios, rewards, punishments, racial discrimination, and sexual preferences. Despite the definition of normal and common professions and jobs in the game environment, such as buying and selling automobiles, investing in the stock market, medicine, working in the transportation system, and store management, the main goals are only through the income from membership in mafia groups, extensive trade in materials. Drugs and organized robberies are attainable, and role-playing in the position of the police is also associated with many obstacles and challenges, limited powers, few initiatives, a high degree of difficulty, and little attraction.


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