The second volume of the Journal of Cyberspace Studies was published.

The Journal of Cyberspace Studies [JCSS] is published by University of Tehran on behalf of the “Cyberspace Policy Research Center” and the “UNESCO Chair on Cyberspace and Culture: Dual Spacization of the World”.

Prof Mohammad Marandi, Prof Saied Reza Ameli, and Dr Hamideh Molaei serve as the Journal’s Director-in-Charge, Editor-in-Chief, and Executive Editor respectively.

The articles published in the first issue of the second volume are including:

A Comparative Study of Regulating the Filtering of Cyberspace in the US, the EU and China: Proposals for Policymaking in Iran” by Prof. Hassan Bashir (Imam Sadiq University, Iran) & Dr Mohammad Sadegh Nasrollahi(Imam Sadiq University, Iran)

“Rearticulating Internet Literacy” by Prof Alfred Thomas Bauer (Institut fuer Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Universität Wien, Österreich) & Mr Ebrahim Mohseni Ahooei (Department of Communication, University of Vienna, Austria; Cyberspace Research Policy Center, University of Tehran, Iran)

“Topographies of Hate: Islamophobia in Cyberia” by Prof Salman Sayyid(School of Sociology and Social Policy University of Leeds, UK)

“Semiotic Approach to Globalization: Living in a World of Glocal Things” by Dr Shaho Sabbar (Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, Iran) & Ms. Somayeh Dalvand (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, Iran)

“The Perception of Usefulness: Iranian Customers’ Evaluation of Customer Reviews” by Dr Ehsan Shahghasemi(Department of Communication, University of Tehran, Iran), Mr Mojtaba Hajijafari(Center for Cyber Policy Studies, University of Tehran, Iran), Ms Maysam Shirzadifard(Department of Educational Psychology, University of Tehran, Iran) & Dr Mostafa Ahmadzadeh(Department of Social Communication Studies, University of Tehran, Iran)

“Topic Modeling and Classification of Cyberspace Papers Using Text Mining” by Prof Babak Sohrabi (Department of IT Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Iran), Dr Iman Raeesi Vanani (Allameh Tabataba’i University, Iran) & Mr MMohsen Baranizade Shineh (Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Iran)

“Behavioral Considerations in Developing Web Information Systems: User-centered Design Agenda” by Dr Hamid Keshavarz (Department of Information Science and Knowledge Studies, University of Semnan, Iran), Dr Fatima Fahimnia (Department of Information Science and Knowledge Studies, University of Tehran, Iran) & Ms Fatemeh Sedigh Talemi (Faculty of Foreign Languages, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran)

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